Hey ABN Amro! 👋🏻

This is Marco

During the day I help teams solve the right problems.

During the night I fight crime and bad design.


Previous Clients:


What's my story?

At 20 years old I tried to run my own start-up together with some friends. It crashed spectacularly!


The biggest learning from that experience was that making things is a lot of fun.


Ever since then, I've been on a mission to find the most interesting problems to solve. This led me to work on amazing projects for organizations like the Research Institutes of Sweden, Fjord and most recently Board of Innovation

Impact Metrics

Coached over 30 product teams to reach

product/market fit. 

Worked with clients in Healthcare, Financial Services, Telco, FMCG & Heavy Industry

Directly supervised the user testing of 6 products

Designed 3 accelerators and set up 1 innovation department for large organizations. 

Conducted over 90 qualitative interviews for B2B and B2C projects

Led a 2-days hackathon for 3 product teams

Less talk.

More Design!


My ways of working are highly collaborative. I realize that it sounds super fluffy when I say it like that, so I'd rather show you. Below you see a selection of previous projects.


However, before scrolling through them I recommend you watch the video, where I give you an overview and highlight a few important things to know.


If you've read all the way down here, why not jumping on a call?

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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