Hey Alexis! 👋🏻

This is Marco

During the day I help teams build the right products.

During the night I fight crime and bad design.


Previous Clients:


What's my story?

At 20 years old I tried to run my own start-up together with some friends. It crashed spectacularly!


The biggest learning from that experience was that making things is a lot of fun.


Ever since then, I've been on a mission to find the most interesting problems to solve. This led me to work on amazing projects for organizations like the Research Institutes of Sweden, Fjord and most recently Board of Innovation

Impact Metrics

Coached over 30 product teams to reach

product/market fit. 

Worked with clients in Healthcare, Financial Services, Telco, FMCG & Heavy Industry

Directly supervised the user testing of 6 products

Designed 3 accelerators and set up 1 innovation department for large organizations. 

Conducted over 90 qualitative interviews for B2B and B2C projects

Led a 2-days hackathon for 3 product teams

Less talk.

More Design!


My ways of working are highly collaborative. I realize that it sounds super fluffy when I say it like that, so I'd rather show you. Below you'll see two examples of previous projects. Unfortunately, most of my work is covered by NDAs, but if you'd like to see something more, just let me know!


How might we create a new mobile experience for our retail customers?

First Bank, situated in Romania, wanted to launch a new mobile application for its retail customers.

We led a design sprint of 5 days for 3 product teams, each of whom was targeting a separate segment of extreme users.


Each team interviewed 10 customers, to understand their relationship with mobile applications and banking products. We then guided them through analysis, ideation, rapid prototyping and testing with another round of 10 customers.


The teams managed to validate some of the critical assumptions they had for their ideas. The output of the sprint filled the product roadmap with key features that customers expected from a mobile experience. The application went to market in the summer of 2019.


How might we improve the digital experience of submitting support tickets for our medium-sized customers?

Proximus, the main Telco in Belgium, had a big problem. With its way too many third-party integrations, using the online portal had become impossible. Even something as simple as recharging the sim card of your employees ended up being frustrating.

I led a team of product managers for 4 weeks, with the objective of finding small effort/high impact solutions that would fix the main issues within the customer journeys.


We ran 5 interviews with B2B customers and tried out ourselves to go through the journey. We then mapped the 7 most critical journeys and identified key issues that could be solved by simple changes in design, as we could not change the architecture of the portal.


We prototyped two versions of the portal together with a customer and went out to test them with 6 B2B customers. We then analysed the results, iterated the prototypes and proposed the changes to management. The new designs were included in the product roadmap for the upcoming 3 months.

Here you can see two low-fi wireframes that we made. They were then transformed into high-fidelity by our UX designer.

If you've read all the way down here, why don't we talk?

Antwerp, Belgium.


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