Barlind Beer

Completed at


University of Göteborg, Sweden



Victoria Cleverby, Cong Bui Dinh, Dinara Zhubaniyaz



Barlind Beer is a micro brewery with limited resources whose owner does not want to expand in the short term. We designed a branding strategy that is meant to be local and conveys a strong message: to nurture diversity by connecting people 



We had two phases of research. The first phase was the desk research, with industry reports, recent theories of branding, trend analysis and competitor analysis. The second phase was based on field research, with visits at the brewery, interviews in the bars of Göteborg, tasting of the different brands. All those insights were then clustered and the design criteria for the solution were established.


The designed labels ask questions. The questions are designed in such a way as to create a safe space for discovery. It is a well-known fact that going with deeply sensitive questions to a stranger is an uncomfortable practice for many. However, by offering simplistic questions that still let you access a deeper image of the person, people can explore the diversity within cultures and backgrounds. 

In parallel to the labels, the strategy included other activities that help in nurturing diversity. Some of them are:

  • Co-creating new tastes with other people

  • Using social media for storytelling

  • Facilitating workshops on brewing beer

  • Release parties for new tastes