Research Institute of Sweden (RISE)

Completed at


University of Göteborg, Sweden



Michael Bitz, Henni Nguyen,

Aaron Scheer, Iida Nyyssönen



The high number of stakeholders in a pilot project needed to build a common ground. This was done by designing a workshop that showed each other's needs and how they can work together.



In our research phase we saw that the stakeholders lacked a common vision and understanding about the project. This was a real threat for the project as it was highly dependent on its stakeholders. To tackle these challenges we used one of the project's general meetings as an opportunity to have a workshop together. The goal was thereby to create shared understanding of each other’s needs and to build a common ground for the future of the project. 


In the first activity every stakeholder used their station to identify, prioritise and present their needs related to the project. This forced them to think about why they joined the project and to state it explicitly. By visualising the needs of everybody it was clear that no solution could solve all the problems and that compromises would be needed.

The second activity was a metaphor of the social enterprise, represented by a tower. The stakeholders used their bricks to build the tower on top of their needs. Every layer represented a section of our Business Model for Social Innovation. Ultimately the game allowed the participants to create a common ground by engaging with a sensory experience.