Sahlgrenska Hospital

Completed at


University of Göteborg, Sweden



Hannes Forssberg Malm,

Vicente Barberá Navarro, Emanuel Uitz



When a patient is being operated because of macular hole, he/she has to lay down for several days to heal. This can be quite painful for older people. The challenge was to design a solution that would help the patients during the recovery phase.



We started with a desktop research on the sickness and the remedies proposed from different countries. By trying out ourselves what it feels like to use the recovery equipments, we started having an idea of the patient experience. We further observed patients at the hospital, shadowed surgeons and interviewed doctors and nurses. Finally, by synthesising the information we learned that curating the patient's booklet would provide a solution that was both feasible, desirable and viable.


The result of the project was twofold. First, a co-creation workshop with doctors and nurses allowed them to understand the full patient journey while prototyping possible solutions.

Additionally, the hospital was provided with the concept of the patient's guide. The concept included a journey bases structure that is meant to be filled with the knowledge of all the professionals at the hospital. This allows them to also standardise their communication and ensuring that no contradictory information is given to patients.