City of Göteborg

Completed at


University of Göteborg, Sweden



Iida Nyssönen, Lea Herzfeld, Jessica Juhlin


The city of Gothenburg always had a particular relationship with transport. In this context, a future scenario for 2035 was created by using methodologies of Speculative Design and Strategic Foresight.


To create a scenario based in 2035 we had to research broad trends in society and on the global scale. This desk research was complemented with field research in the city, visits to museums and interviews with several people involved in the government. The frameworks of Speculative Design were then used to put the insights all together and imagine a future scenario based on them.


The main actor of the scenario is a public system of glass cubes running on magnetic rails. This changes the perspective on travel, allowing it to follow the passengers' interests and to provide door to door services. The scenario was presented by acting it out, a series of citizens were presented in their daily life and in how they would use the glass cubes.