Business Region Göteborg

Completed at


University of Göteborg, Sweden



The Business Region Göteborg has tried for several years to develop the suburbs of the city via agriculture and destination development. The challenge was to investigate the environment and the stakeholders to help

co-create a strategy for sustainable destination development.



During the first phase of the project I combined several research methods like reading past reports, doing ethnographic research and interviewing stakeholders. This allowed me to grasp the main challenges of the project, namely complexity, abstraction and participation.


To tackle the challenges I designed two solutions. The first solution was aimed at reducing the abstraction and create a shared understanding. I created a tourist map that included every stakeholder, their activity and their location in the suburbs of Göteborg.

The second solution was aimed at reducing complexity and participation. I made use of the project's annual conference to design two workshops with all the stakeholders and distribute the maps. Together they created ideas for a pilot project and made plans for future cooperations.